Decoy Ponds – a magical setting for your wedding ceremony

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A few short minutes’ drive off the A27 near Hammerpot, I arrived at Decoy Ponds. At first, I thought this couldn’t possibly be the right place. It was so near the main road and I had heard how peaceful and tranquil it was there. Surely I’d have further to drive to find a place like that? But I knew I … Read More

Fiona and Ben’s Wedding Under An Ancient Oak Tree

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Fiona and Ben were introduced to me by the lovely Becky Cook who manages Patrick’s Barn in Crawley, where the couple were having their wedding. Patrick’s Barn is a gorgeous 16th century barn – the stuff of wedding dreams – and it also happens to have an enormous 800 year old oak tree in the grounds. Fiona and Ben had … Read More

Looking for a grand yet quirky wedding venue near Worthing? Cissbury could be the place for you…

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I think I’d fallen in love with Cissbury before I even set eyes on the house. It was a cold day in February but the sky was a brilliant blue, the sun shone on the sheep that dotted the fields around the long driveway, daffodils and crocuses were poking up from the earth and there was more than a hint … Read More

Just got engaged? 3 reasons to consider using a celebrant before you book anything

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You’ve just got engaged! Congratulations! No doubt you’ll already have a mile-long to-do list and you’ll be keen to get going but before you do (and especially if you’ve never heard the word celebrant), please, PLEASE watch this video, as it could save you bucketloads of regret later: If you’re on a train and you’ve forgotten your headphones, your fiancé(e) (squee!) … Read More

Have your wedding in the heart of the Sussex Downs – at Long Furlong Barn

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Have you ever driven down Long Furlong near Worthing and seen that beautiful barn, nestled into an expanse of the South Downs? Depending on what time of day or year it is, the light that falls onto it changes from bright and sunny to moody and sculptural, but it is always breathtaking, and it has always made me turn my … Read More