Pick my brains!

Pick the brains of Sussex wedding celebrant Claire Bradford of Creating Ceremony
  • Thinking of becoming a celebrant and want to talk through your decision-making process, work out whether it’s the right move for you or ask questions about training or what to expect?
  • Want to get clarity on a situation, decision or idea?
  • Want to plan the next move forward for your celebrant business?
  • Need someone to brainstorm ideas with?
  • Like to get a second pair of eyes on a ceremony, blog post, web page or other written piece?
  • Need a boost in motivation, accountability or inspiration?
  • Want to offload or rant to a confidential ear?
  • …or just want to pick my brains on something?

Sometimes, talking things through with someone else can make a huge difference. Whether it’s a problem, question, idea, plan or decision, you can get clear on your next move much faster with another person to bounce ideas off, listen to you or gently challenge you.

As well as being an established, experienced celebrant myself, I am also a celebrant trainer for the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

Prior to becoming a celebrant, I ran my own successful coaching business for 15 years. I received many testimonials during that time thanking me for changing the lives of many of my clients. The thing was, it was the best kind of change: real change from the inside.

My clients didn’t necessarily buy a top of the range car, a huge pile in the countryside or reach dizzy heights of fame and fortune (although a few did make changes like this that could be seen on the outside).

But their mindset changed. Their outlook changed. And everything with it changed too, like wearing a new pair of glasses that changes your perspective.

Or, as Wayne Dyer put it so well, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This internal change brings with it motivation, hope, inspiration, gratitude, energy and much, much more.

Whether you’re debating taking the plunge and training as a celebrant or you’ve been a celebrant for a while and you want to think through how to grow your business, this kind of mindset shift can make a phenomenal difference.

A life-changing hour costs just £50.

Want another eye on something you’ve written? Some inspiration? Or maybe some editing help?

As part of my coaching journey, I coached small business owners to write copy for their websites that reflected their company’s personality, values and ethos. This service was in high demand and drew a lot of positive feedback, with clients reporting that their percentage of ‘ideal customers’ increased dramatically. That’s because when you speak from the centre of who you are, you resonate with others who share your world view and your passions.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, as they say.

Need a bit of help in that direction? Book in!

Or maybe you have a burning question you want to ask, you need someone to help you to think through a problem or you want an ideas-producing session…

If you think I can help, book a session.

And if you’re not sure, why not drop me a line and ask?

Let’s do this!