divorce or separation healing ceremonies

A lot of thought, preparation and hope goes into the planning of a wedding at the beginning of marriage. If that marriage cannot last, despite the best of intentions, then ending it as it began, with thought, preparation and hope, can help to relieve some of the burden of pain.

Although sadly common, breaking up is a huge life experience and a traumatic one, whatever the circumstances. Whether you have drifted apart or there are more dramatic causes, divorce or separation can leave you with feelings of grief, guilt or regret, which are generally not acknowledged by a society that just adds another figure to the statistics.

By honouring the good times that have gone before, letting go of painful events or anger and marking the beginning of new, separate lives, a divorce-healing ceremony can help to give a sense of closure and can be done with both parties or just one.

Whether you want to celebrate or mourn your new separate state, I can put together a ceremony with you that will help to heal some of the hurt and set you back on the path to happiness. This can be a very private, intimate occasion or a full-blown party, depending on your needs.

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