What the flipping heck is an independent celebrant?!

what is an independent celebrant?You may well ask – lots of people do.

Let’s start with what I am not. I am not a Humanist. Humanist celebrants do pretty much what independent celebrants do, but they are completely non-religious.

Something else I’m not. I’m not a registrar. This means that, for your marriage to be legally recognised, you must complete the basic legal formalities at a registry office. These consist of fewer than 50 words and couples usually go either earlier the same week or the week after. This leaves you free to have the ceremony of your dreams in the location of your choice, as you are not bound by legal wording or using only licensed premises.

So what am I?

As an independent celebrant I am, by definition, independent, and therefore free to design and conduct ceremonies which are religious, non-religious or anywhere on the scale between. If you would like a Sufi prayer, a Pagan ritual or a Jewish blessing at your wedding, vow renewal or funeral, it’s all possible. If you want to combine two spiritual backgrounds into one ceremony, that’s possible too. If you are an atheist and want no religious or spiritual content at all, let’s design a ceremony around that.

It’s your day, your way.

Want to ask a question or talk about your ceremony ideas? Do get in touch. I’d love to help.