A Star Wars Stormtrooper Wedding Ceremony

If you’ve followed me for more than about 5 minutes, you’ll probably know that a) I’m a big fan of reflecting couples’ personalities and interests in their wedding ceremony, and b) I love any excuse to dress up!

Which is why I LOVED my day at Worthing Wormhole, our local sci-fi and comic con, last November. People were in their element, dressing up as their favourite characters from films, books and comics as diverse as Harry Potter and Judge Dredd.

I helped to facilitate a surprise proposal on stage to a big Star Trek fan (she said yes!!), and gave them both a Vulcan blessing and a love story in Klingon. This inspired others to have short ceremonies on stage too and to have real creative fun with them.

As I’m writing, we’re nearing Star Wars Day (May 4th be with you), so it seemed like the perfect time to share this Stormtrooper wedding I conducted on stage that day too, awesomely captured in one of my favourite ceremony photos ever by the uber talented photographer Ed Watts.


Stormtrooper wedding ceremony by Claire Bradford of Creating Ceremony photo by Ed Watts


Stormtrooper wedding of TK 5 and TK 16

Ladies and Gentlemen, inspired by the Star Trek proposal earlier on, these two Stormtroopers, TK 5 and TK 16, have decided to make a commitment of their love here today at Worthing Wormhole. Having admired each other from afar for many years, they have admitted their feelings to one another today and now are going to celebrate that fact in front of you, the Wormhole community.

And so I ask you, TK 5 and TK 16, do you commit to fighting the rebel scum hand in hand for the rest of your lives together?

Do you promise to stay loyal to Darth Vader, The Empire and each other, today and in the light years to come?

And do you commit to making your corner of the Death Star a cosy and comfortable home where you can live together in ease and harmony with each other?

By the Force vested in me, I now pronounce you Stormtrooper and Stormtrooper. Congratulations! You may now kiss your Stormtrooper.

Worthing Wormhole will be returning for 2018 on 10th November.

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