Eastern European vodka ceremony

Disclaimer out of the way first – I was originally told that this vodka ceremony originated in Poland. Since then, I have been told that it comes from other countries and I can’t seem to find much about it on the internet. So I’m going with Eastern European (as that’s the general area most of the claims seem to come from) and I apologise if I’m completely wrong!

The vodka ceremony is a fun and playful addition to a wedding or vow renewal ceremony. It’s not deeply symbolic, although of course it could be made that way if you wanted to. Here’s how it goes:

  • Two shot glasses are filled, one with vodka and the other with water. This is done before the ceremony starts, out of view of the couple or their guests, so nobody knows which is which.
  • At the appointed time (usually at the end of the ceremony) the shot glasses are produced, both containing an apparently identical clear liquid. The premise of the vodka ceremony is then explained: that the person who gets the vodka will be the boss in the relationship.*
  • Shot glasses are elaborately shuffled round and the couple each choose one. There’s a countdown from their friends and family and they down the contents. The faces pretty much say immediately who has won.

It’s a great photo opportunity too, as Liisa and Gareth demonstrate here:

You can switch out the vodka for gin, white rum, tequila or any other clear liquid, natch – this is your ceremony, remember?

*  Like I said, this is meant to be a bit of fun. Obviously, we are all about equality in marriage and all that good stuff.

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