What is a ring warming or ring blessing ritual?

A ring warming (or ring blessing) ritual is a really lovely way to get your loved ones involved in your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. Its very simple.

Your rings are placed in a little bag or tied together with ribbon. At the appropriate time, the best man (or whoever is appointed the

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task!) hands the rings to one of the guests. Everyone is invited to hold the rings for a few moments and mentally fill them with their love and good wishes for the happy couple, before passing them to the next person.

There are some variations on this, like passing the rings around a long length of ribbon if your guests are sitting in a circle, for example. Its very easy to adapt. If you only have a few guests, the rings can be passed around to music. For larger weddings, I often start the rings going around before I tell the couples love story, so there is more time for them to get back to us by the time the ring exchange is going to happen.

As well as always reminding you of the vows you and your partner have made to each other, rings that have been warmed in this way will also remind you of the circle of friends and family who were there to support you on your big day and in your marriage.

If you like the idea of having a ring warming at your ceremony, just let me know and we can incorporate it into your big day in a way that really suits you and your partner. Contact me today.