Leap Year Proposals – this year’s your chance!

Of course, anyone can ask anyone else to marry them at any time, but if you’re a woman who’s a sucker for tradition or looking for a great excuse to go down on one knee, Leap Year Day – this Monday – is your opportunity. Here’s a video I made about doing just that:


If you do propose, PLEASE get in touch and let me know – I love a good proposal story! And if you want to start arranging your wedding ceremony, you know where to come to for a celebrant of course… 😉


Here are the words to that video, in case your sound was down:


Now I know we’re pretty modern here –

As clued up types it’s very clear

We won’t be dictated to by convention

That said, I thought I might just mention

The 29th – this Monday in fact

Traditionally is the time to act

If, as a woman, you’d like to be married

But your other half has… well… tarried

In popping the question, it’s now YOUR time

So maybe take them out to dine

Or watch a film or have a dance

Create the moment; grab your chance

Why not go down on one knee

And ask them ‘will you marry me?’

They’ll say yes, of course, then you’ll be drinking

Fizzy wine and get to thinking

About the wedding – and after THIS night

A boring service just wouldn’t seem right.

We’ve all sat through ceremonies that, frankly, were rotten

A ‘one-size-fits-all’ – so easily forgotten.

No. What YOU need is a proper celebration

Crafted with love and careful consideration.

Tell me all about you, what you believe and what you’re into

Share your love story and I will begin to

Weave my magic and get writing

A ceremony that’ll have them fighting

Back tears of joy – it is so YOU!

It captures you both (and it’s funny too).

Everyone there will treasure forever

The vows you exchanged and those words, and they’ll never

Again settle for anything less

Than a celebrant-led wedding (I have to confess

That my work will be done if everyone there

When planning a ceremony chose to call Claire).



And if you do choose to call me, it’s 07929 764162 xx