Thursday Thoughts… on funerals

Thursday Thoughts are very short videos, which I publish weekly on social media with the hashtag #ThursdayThought.

Each video is around one minute long and contains a nugget of inspiration or something to chew over if you’re planning any kind of ceremony.

Here are all the funeral related Thursday Thoughts so far. Do check back, as this will be added to regularly.

16th November 2017 …the one about getting what your loved one was into in the ceremony (I have spoken Klingon at a Trekkie’s funeral before…)

9th November 2017 …the one about why I ask soooo many questions.

19th October 2017 …the one about whether or not you have to wear black at a funeral.

24th August 2017 …the one about how your ceremony should be your business and not everyone else’s.

20th July 2017 …the one about alternative settings for funerals, from the chapel at HD Tribe.

(more on this subject here)