Thursday Thoughts… on funerals

Thursday Thoughts are very short videos, which I publish weekly on social media with the hashtag #ThursdayThought.

Each video is around one minute long and contains a nugget of inspiration or something to chew over if you’re planning any kind of ceremony.

Here are all the funeral related Thursday Thoughts so far. Do check back, as this will be added to regularly.

29th September 2022 …the one about how you can feel grief not only when losing a loved one, but when big changes happen in your life. Sending lots of love x

21st April 2022 …the one about funeral music, and how you can have any kind of music that you like in a ceremony.

7th April 2022 …the one about the main differences between humanist celebrants and independent celebrants (like me)!

24th March 2022 …the one about normalising talking about death and talking about funerals with your loved ones and your family members.

27th January 2022 …the one about why you shouldn’t worry if you’re not yet feeling that kind of new year zeal, as you’ll start to feel a lot more energised naturally as the days become warmer.

25th November 2021 …the one where I talk about why it’s so important to be honest and open with your celebrant, because the more you tell us, the more we can weave it into a gorgeous ceremony for you.

4th November 2021 …the one where I talk about how you can say farewell to a loved one in a beautiful way that is creative and personal to them. You really don’t have to shoehorn all the gloriousness that was them into a funeral shaped box.

7th October 2021 …the one where I talk about how there is no “normal”, or “should” when it comes to planning a ceremony. If a tradition works for you, then great, but if it doesn’t, you can chuck it out, or change it, or just twist it up a little bit.

23rd September 2021 …the one where I talk about why, when you’re planning any kind of ceremony, wedding, funeral or anything else, you may find yourself having a ‘lunch box’ moment because your brain is trying to sort out so much stuff!

5th August 2021 …the one where I conduct a funeral service at Cissbury Barns and remind you that there are no rules when it comes to choosing the venue for a funeral or memorial service. You can absolutely be in a gorgeous place like this as well.

22nd July 2021 …the one where I talk about ‘Freedom Day’ and how people being pinged and asked to self-isolate may affect your ceremony. (Apologies for the noisy seagulls in the background.)

22nd April 2021 …the one where I talk about Prince Phillip’s funeral and why you don’t have to be royal in order to do something a little bit different. If Prince Philip can think outside the box with all the protocol then so can you

8th April 2021 …the one where I talk about a simple self-soothing technique called the butterfly hug for when you’re feeling stressed, worried or upset

18th March 2021 …the one where I talk about not letting current restrictions restrict your thinking and creativity when planning your funeral or wedding ceremony

11th March 2021 …the one where I talk about how lovely it is to hear stories of previous generations and what a huge gift it is for many years to come

25th February 2021 …the one where I share my tips when asked to do a reading or a tribute at a ceremony

11th February 2021 …the one about how to make an order of service something people really want to keep hold of after a funeral

28th January 2021 …the one about organising a wedding – or a funeral – and despairing about Covid restrictions… sigh

9th July 2020 …the one about how funerals don’t have to be conventional

4th June 2020 …the one about the current situation in America, racism and being an ally

28th May 2020 …the one about whether you’re going lockdown loco yet, or are loving the pared down life

30th April 2020 …the one about ritual in our daily lives and how it can help

16th April 2020 …the one about the word ‘unprecedented’ and forced positivity

9th April 2020 …the one about how to mark a death and celebrate a life without being physically together at a funeral

19th December 2019 …the one about remembering that traditions are not law and should work for you, not against you

12th December 2019 …the one with a broadcast by Creating Ceremony

11th July 2019 …the one about how you can #ChooseToRefuse the polluting stuff when you’re planning a ceremony

5th June 2019 …the one about the thing that drives ALL the ceremonies I conduct

7th February 2019 …the one about my disdain for cookie cutter ceremonies

21st June 2018 …the one from the beautiful Blackstock Country Estate in Hellingly, a gorgeous venue for any celebration and the setting for a funeral I led this week

7th June 2018 …the one where you get to see where I sit and write your ceremonies!

24th May 2018 …the one about how technology can help you plan any kind of ceremony

26th April 2018 …the one about how how focusing on your intention for any type of ceremony can help to combat planning overwhelm

5th April 2018 …the one about how reading a tribute at a funeral is a huge honour (but a wee bit scary!)

29th March 2018 …the one about how the rise in new celebrants is a really good thing – both for celebrants and for everyone else

15th March 2018 …the one about how important it is to take time out, especially if you’ve got more on than usual because you’re trying to organise a ceremony

8th February 2018 …the one about how having pets at ceremonies can be a very good thing indeed

1st February 2018 …the one about talking to your loved ones about what sort of funeral you want

25th January 2018 … the one about how you can personalise funerals just as much as weddings

18th January 2018 …the one about winning the title ‘Celebrant of the Year 2018’ in the TWIA National finals

11th January 2018 …the one about teaming up with Viv and Laura from Lambert’s White Dove Release to help people start up their year in a beautiful and mindful way

21st December 2017 …the one about Winter solstice and reflecting on times past and present

16th November 2017 …the one about getting what your loved one was into in the ceremony (I have spoken Klingon at a Trekkie’s funeral before…)

9th November 2017 …the one about why I ask soooo many questions.

19th October 2017 …the one about whether or not you have to wear black at a funeral.

24th August 2017 …the one about how your ceremony should be your business and not everyone else’s.

20th July 2017 …the one about alternative settings for funerals, from the chapel at HD Tribe.

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