Getting married? Make sure there’s a Dymond!

From an unassuming garden shed workshop in Worthing, West Sussex, pours a stream of exquisite bespoke jewellery, crafted by the appropriately named Carron Dymond.

Wedding jewellery Carron Dymond Worthing West Sussex
A shaped wedding band in progress…

Carron doesn’t look old enough to have been in the jewellery trade for 24 years but she started when she was just 16 as an apprentice. After all those years of experience, she now runs her own business, Dymond Jewellery, creating precious items with love from her back garden.

When I met up with Carron, she was working on a variety of projects – some bespoke Jack Russell silver cufflinks, one of her quirky ‘Dymond rings’ (that was for me!) and creating a shaped wedding band to fit around an engagement ring.

I asked her what her favourite things to make were. After a pause for thought, she answered that the rings to fit around other rings were fun and also working with sentimental metals. When people have, for example, an heirloom ring that isn’t their style but belonged to a much-loved person, Carron can rework or add to it in order to make a more fitting piece so that it can be worn with pride rather than languish in a jewellery box. She can also do similar work with rings that have worn down or are too small.
Reflecting further on my
question, she said that her favourite thing was
actually making people happy: “it’s seeing their eyes light up when you’ve interpreted what they want and really got it right,” she said.Carron 2

Having a jeweller interpret what you want and create a totally unique piece of jewellery that’s perfect for you is already light years away from anything you’d get from your high street jewellers. Add to that Carron’s dedication to detail, her passion
for creating each piece, her use of fair trade gold and conflict-free diamonds and her personal touches, like creating a photo book for her customers showing the progress of their rings being made, and you start to see what makes Carron Dymond the person you really want to get your jewellery from.

You can see some of Carron’s work on her website or her Facebook page. She also exhibits at wedding fayres in the East Sussex and West Sussex area – do find her and have a chat!