It’s June!

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.

Al Bernstein

Oooh what a wonderful month June is!

The wedding season is getting into full swing, for a start. I’ve got some corkers coming up this month too, starting with one on 1st amongst the redwoods at the gobsmackingly beautiful Two Woods Estate. Stay tuned to my Instagram or Facebook accounts to see more – and there might even be a blog post about them (eventually!)

Two Woods outdoor wedding celebrant

The sun is beginning to show its face a bit more predictably too. This weekend is forecast to be a mini heatwave, so I’ll be slapping the Factor 30 on to my ghostly pale skin and encouraging couples who are having an outdoor wedding to have bottles of sunscreen available for their guests. It’s so freeing to ditch the jumpers and coats and to feel the sun on your skin, isn’t it? But it’s not toooo hot and sticky yet. There’s the promise of a long summer in front of us and the world feels light and happy.

And that light! The summer solstice on 21st June, celebrated for just about as long as we humans have been on the planet, of course marks the longest day and is a celebration of the warmth and light, as well as a heralding of the darker days to come. Summer solstice is a fab time for weddings. Take a peek at Anna and Guy’s solstice wedding here, for inspiration.

Ancient traditions aside, we can also just enjoy sitting out till late in the night, perhaps with a BBQ, a bottle of wine or two and a gathering of good mates.

summer wedding barbecue bbq

Mmmm BBQ! A taste that sums up the summer for me is barbecued halloumi – all hot and salty with a big, fresh green salad and juicy tomatoes. What’s your favourite? Quite a lot of couples are opting to have BBQs at their summer weddings these days actually. The lovely folk at Gastro Catering, for example, cook the food over proper charcoal and everything. Oooh now I’ve got my mouth all watering for a BBQ but it’s only 10:30am on a workday…!

So now’s not an ideal time to fire up the barbecue perhaps, but another gorgeous thing about June is that we’re well into British strawberry season! The shops are full of them and they’re juicy, sweet and tasty – and healthy to boot. Not only that, but they make a cute heart shape, so you can easily serve up your lovebunny a yummy and romantic breakfast, dessert or snack. What’s not to love?!

And with the better weather (touch wood), why not eat outside? That’s what Patrick and Nirvana did last week – how gorgeous did this layout look in the grounds of Smallfield Place?

I’m pretty busy this month meeting up with summer couples to read them the first drafts of their ceremonies or rehearse with them, as well as writing late summer and autumn weddings, vow renewals and namings. I already have a few funerals booked for June too, so I’ll be meeting up with families for those.

But celebrant work aside, I’m also looking forward to some great stuff this month, including:

  • attending a ‘Create Your Own Icon’ workshop run by an artist friend, and that promises to be AMAZING
  • It’s my birthday on 20th and, in Bradford tradition, I’ll be taking the day off with my husband and going for a long walk in the South Downs somewhere, culminating in a pub lunch with plenty of wine
  • my 2nd Kung Fu grading (actually, I’m properly nervous about this, but I need to channel my inner Black Widow and kick ass!)
  • my eldest daughter’s 17th birthday (how the bloody hell did that happen?!?) – watch out, drivers of Britain, she’s going to be on the roads…!

Whatever you’re doing for work or play, I hope you have a fabulous, light-filled June.

If all this June talk has inspired you to set a June date for your wedding next year, get in touch asap to secure your date as there aren’t many Saturdays left (more available in 2021). Contact me here or just call me on 07929 764162 – I can’t wait to chat with you!