adoption ceremonies with Creating Ceremony

Celebrate your child’s arrival into your family with a personalised adoption ceremony

Your whole world has changed now that you’ve adopted a child, and that deserves to be acknowledged. An adoption ceremony is a great way to welcome your new child into your family and celebrate getting through the arduous adoption process.

Whether you’ve adopted a baby or an older child, there are lots of lovely options for an adoption ceremony. You can make it as traditional or as quirky as you like, choose guardians for your child and select beautiful readings which resonate with you. Your adoption ceremony can also include religious or spiritual aspects if you would like – there are no rules around this as there would be with a registrar or Humanist celebrant.

After all that heartache, all those interviews and all that paperwork, your child is finally here. Isn’t that worth throwing a party for? Let’s chat about how we can work together to make it perfect.