Claire conducting a handfasting during a wedding ceremony, photo by Fiona Walsh Photography
What is handfasting?

Handfasting, or handtying as it’s sometimes called, is a gorgeous, very visual ritual that can be added to almost any wedding, commitment, or vow renewal ceremony to show the union of two (or more) people. Handfasting has been used for … Read More

Hello from the other side

This post is either going to land with you, or it’s really not. You may nod along with happy agreement and recognition, or you may roll your eyes or think I’ve lost the plot. But here goes anyway. All the … Read More

Hello Secret Barners (or Barners to be)!

I’m Claire, I’m an independent celebrant and I’m sorry not to be joining you today (boo!) but I’m conducting an actual wedding elsewhere (hooray!) So instead of being there in 3D to rave to you about the benefits of having … Read More

What to expect when you meet your funeral celebrant

When a loved one dies, as well as the emotional sucker punch, there’s also the considerable blow of having to organise so many things, including their funeral. It’s a double whammy of horrible.  If you’re in this situation, my condolences.  … Read More

How to write a funeral tribute

As a celebrant, many people tell me that they would really like to write a funeral tribute for their loved one but they don’t know how to go about it. So this post is a round up of the advice … Read More

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