Eastern European vodka ceremony

Disclaimer out of the way first – I was originally told that this vodka ceremony originated in Poland. Since then, I have been told that it comes from other countries and I can’t seem to find much about it on … Read More

For Celebrants

My life changed when I became a celebrant and, since then, I’ve been passionate about helping other people to follow their celebrancy dreams. I am an experienced and award-winning wedding and funeral celebrant and I’m also a celebrant trainer for … Read More

It’s June!

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. Al Bernstein Oooh what a wonderful month June is! The wedding season is getting into full swing, for a start. I’ve got some corkers coming up this month too, starting … Read More

wine box ceremony
What is a wine box ceremony?

Like a tipple together? The good news is that there are lots of ideas of how to include your favourite drink at your wedding ceremony. If you’re wine lovers, you might want wine ceremony – wine blending, wine drinking or … Read More

Quaich or loving cup ceremony

If you have Scottish roots, there’s a good chance that you may well have a quaich in the family somewhere. It sounds a bit like an underwater baddy to be defeated in a superhero movie but actually, a quaich (pronounced … Read More

So you want to become a celebrant
So… you want to become a celebrant?

There’s a good chance that you’re reading this because someone has suggested you should become a celebrant. Or perhaps you’ve attended a celebrant-led ceremony, been inspired by just how personal it was, and thought ‘I could do that’. Or maybe … Read More

Hannah and Sam

We wanted someone ‘woke’, fun and knowledgeable and you fit the bill 110%!


Thank you so much for leading  such a wonderful service and for all your kindness and support. We couldn’t have wished for it to go any better and I’m sure B would have been very happy and proud. You certainly … Read More

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