10 awesome Worthing wedding venues

Browsing for wedding venues in West Sussex? Try Worthing! Sandwiched between the sea and the South Downs, Worthing is not only an awesome place to live, it’s also a great place to get hitched. Whether your wedding vibe calls for … Read More

How to embrace the darker months

It’s funny how autumn – particularly its accompanying light changes – seems to take us by surprise every year. Even after several decades on this planet, sunset at 4 pm always sneaks up on me – do you find the same … Read More


Sincere thanks, you helped make what could have beenone of the worst days of my life something to cherish.

Celebrant training online: 7 things to consider

There are a multitude of celebrant training courses out there and it can be super overwhelming when you’re searching for the best options. Face to face celebrant training, whilst great, has potential complications of geography, travel, cost and timing – … Read More

‘Shoulds’ and the F*ck-it Bucket

When you’re planning any kind of ceremony, you may well become aware of a whole heap of ‘shoulds’ coming your way – either from other people or from right inside your own brain. Sometimes, those ‘shoulds’ can be helpful (‘you … Read More

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