Coronavirus and your ceremony

As I write this, just about the whole of the world is reeling from the effects of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Unsurprisingly, lockdown measures, self-isolating and social distancing are having a huge impact on every aspect of our lives and … Read More

Pick my brains!

Thinking of becoming a celebrant and want to talk through your decision-making process, work out whether it’s the right move for you or ask questions about training or what to expect? Want to get clarity on a situation, decision or … Read More

Thanks for your enquiry!

Thanks so much for getting in touch and I’m really looking forward to chatting with you about how I can help with your celebrant work.​​I aim to reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.  Please check your spam folder as … Read More

anxious bride illustration by Meredith Jensen
How to beat wedding anxiety

Weddings. They’re beautiful, meaningful and fun. But they can breed anxiety and stress very easily too. Even the most chilled out couple will have moments when the wedmin gets overwhelming and the anxiety creeps in, making them want to call … Read More

Eastern European vodka ceremony

Disclaimer out of the way first – I was originally told that this vodka ceremony originated in Poland. Since then, I have been told that it comes from other countries and I can’t seem to find much about it on … Read More

For Celebrants

My life changed when I became a celebrant and, since then, I’ve been passionate about helping other people to follow their celebrancy dreams. I am an experienced and award-winning wedding and funeral celebrant and I’m also a celebrant trainer for … Read More

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